At the very beginning of the journey, even before the launch, we began to form the JOSER Family, which included architects (Daria Belyakova, Alexander Tsimailo, Nikolai Lyashenko), gallery owners (Alina Pinskaya and Sonya Karpovskaya). JOSER Family unites inspiring like-minded people. Those who strive to make this world a better place, who fight for aesthetics and beauty. Each hero is the best of the best in his field.

We decided to replenish the list of these people every year. And moreover, to expand the range of professional areas of these people — our heroes and heroines, whose success and self-realization - inspire us to create jewelry collections. Cinema, design, marketing, fashion, restaurant business, journalism, psychology - these are the areas of life that the members of the JOSER Family have conquered. All heroes are very different,
but we consider it an honor to unite them in our mini community.

As a dedication, we invited new members of the JOSER Family to become the heroines of the new campaign of the jewelry brand and asked one question to each girl:

“The name of the first collection of the brand The ORDER. The point is not only that the shape of the products repeats the geometry of the architectural elements of the order system. The concept of order in architecture is one of the key ones. And for JOSER, order is very important, its own coordinate system — the system of values —
the basis of harmonious development.

What is the order for you that forms your entire frame of reference and allows you
to be the best of the best in your business?”

Photography: Olga Izakson
Stylist: Yuka Vizhgorodskaya

Architect, founder of JOSER
The ancient Greek order system, for example Ionic, consists of three main elements: base, stem and capital. In my life, the base is the family, the closest friends are my main support. The trunk is my team, talented creative people with whom I was lucky to work together. The capital is me, this is creativity, the state when I am in a stream in which ideas crystallize. For balance and harmony in life, I must first of all pay attention and take care of these three elements.
Co-founder of art-concierge Lobby
My order is the planned working and personal schedules for the weeks ahead in the Actions program.  I have long resisted digitalization in this matter and kept the handwritten diaries. But last year I found the perfect program from Moleskine which is now installed on my phone and iPad. Every Monday I write out all the tasks for the upcoming week and assign them the appropriate color: family, friends, work and me. Arranging the tasks over the days, I try to make sure that the number of all four colors on each day is balanced. This ritual disciplines me not to forget about myself. And as practice shows, this is the only way to do all the other tasks.
Decorator, director of aesthetics at Lucky Group, co-founder of the Life Aesthetic project
My personal order is love: to my family, to my loved ones, to my work, to life in general. When everything goes through the heart, I feel support and strength, joy, inspiration, and desire to brighten this world!
Strategist PR consultant
My system of coordinates is based on honesty and empathy. To be honest with yourself and others is the key to healthy and open working relationships where people understand each other and other's expectations. Empathy is about the ability to think about the other, not about yourself, to empathize and be human.  This is very rare in the current world.
Founder of the project, practicing psychologist
My system of coordinates is shaped by love. I believe that it is the starting point for everything. Love creates and multiplies. I always look for it and find it in a lot of things. And when I find it, I boldly trust and follow it.
HR Director at Yandex
My system of coordinates in life is focused on development and growth - growth of soul, personality and professionalism. And growth is such an uneven movement: two steps forward and one step back.  Very often a week of discoveries and ideas is followed by a week of stagnation and this is normal. I see balance in it and learn to accept it. Accepting this balance is some kind of internal organization and order for me.
Gallery owner, art critic
Harmony in life is a difficult thing to achieve. For me it is a balance of desires and possibilities. Which doesn't prevent me from setting ambitious goals at all while understanding the primitivity of stereotypical notions of achievement. My system of coordinates is an exciting job and a family I love. The charging is here.
Head-buyer at TSUM
The chaos, which unfortunately resides in the creative industry, shapes my order. I always try to set up explicit and transparent processes in my work, set deadlines and organize open communication so I could see my goals.